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RiseKids Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer at Rise Church. We appreciate your willingness to take the time to fill out the application and go through our orientation process. There are a few things we want to make sure we say up front about what we believe as an organization.

Rise Church operates under biblical authority and we recognize the Bible as the ultimate source for truth and wisdom. We believe that all Scripture is inspired by God and gives us God’s requirements for leaders and those of influence in the church. Because of this, we ask that our volunteers recognize what the Bible teaches in regards to family and lifestyle choices. We are held accountable for every leader we approve to influence kids and families at Rise.

If you are a participant in any of the following lifestyles, we ask that you do not apply to serve or lead in a Children’s Ministry environment at this time:

  • Pursuing an affair outside of marriage

  • Using alcohol excessively

  • Using drugs illegally

  • Living with someone of the opposite sex outside of marriage

  • Participating in a homosexual relationship

It is important to say that we also believe that God loves all people and His grace is offered to everyone, regardless of his or her current lifestyle.

The criteria listed above are specifically laid out in the Scriptures as qualifications for those in leadership and influence, not to cast judgment or exclude people from God’s love and grace. If you have concerns or questions about the guidelines listed above, please contact the Pastor or staff ministry leader and he or she will be glad to talk with you.

Please note: Because we teach children, and have children attending our program, we are liable under law to report any suspected child abuse. 

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The following information will be held in strict confidence. Please answer all questions honestly; no answers will automatically disqualify you from serving, but all volunteers must be truthful with Rise Church and themselves about their conduct and convictions.
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Please provide references who are familiar with your character, at least 2 that are familiar with your ability to work with children.
My responses to the above questionnaire are true and correct. I understand and agree that any false answers or statements made by me on this form or any supplement thereto, or any false statements made to the representatives of Rise Church, will be grounds for not allowing me to serve or for immediate dismissal, no matter when it is discovered.
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