Dear "Single Girl," From "Single Guy"

Dear Single Girl,

I hope I get to meet you someday. In the mean time, here are some things you need to know...

How To Get My Attention

The man you really want is not drawn to charm as much as godliness. Our culture will imply to you that guys are turned off or intimidated by girls who love Jesus and have solid values and convictions. The culture is wrong. Little boys are often turned away by strong convictions, but real men are not. If you will be the woman God has called you to be, a godly man WILL notice.

Run From "Mr. Cool"

So many of you seem to give attention away to every smooth talking, sharply dressed, "cool" guy  that comes your way. Please be careful. Be patient and wait on a man who is pursuing Jesus and not simply another trophy for his mantle. Don't date so many of these guys, because when us godly guys see you with them, we lose interest and will not pursue you because you're spending all your time with Mr. Wrong. Only give the mature, growing, God-serving man the chance to pursue you. Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain (Proverbs 31:0).

I Am Only A Man, So Don't Worship Me

If you try to make a man your god, he will fall apart. Regardless of what you see in the movies, no man can complete you or make you ultimately happy. There are tons of amazing benefits that come from being in a relationship, but none of it will ever be enough to maintain a healthy, loving marriage if your faith is not in Jesus Christ. No man will make you whole, so please don't put him on that platform (he will fall off and crack like Humpty Dumpty).

Don't "Wait" On Me...Go After Jesus

There is nothing more attractive to a real man than a woman being obedient to Jesus and being willing to follow Jesus wherever He leads her. Don't be that girl sitting in the church, waiting on a man to come rescue her from boredom and apathy. When I'm ready to choose my soul mate, I'll be looking for someone who can go on an adventure with me, not someone who is used to just sitting around and complaining about the fact that nobody is interested in them. If you'll pursue Jesus with everything in you, I will pursue you when He gives me the go ahead.

Your Time Is Not Running Out

Singleness is a gift, not a curse. Do you really want to be beautiful? Then put your trust in God and don't let fear overshadow you. Trust in God's timing (1 John 4:18). Don't waste your God-given single years by always just waiting on what's next. And don't be a man chaser. If you and I will truly follow God during this season, and trust Him to take care of what's next. God is all-powerful and able to guide both of us to each other when His time is right.

Until Then,

Single Guy You've Been "Waiting" For